Pioneer rekordbox 3.0 Moves Closer To Full DJ Software

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Pioneer DJ rekordbox
Last updated 2 October, 2018


rekordbox 3.0 brings a bold look and new features to Pioneer’s music library management app.

Pioneer released today the latest version of its music management software, rekordbox. Bumping the app up to version 3.0, the latest version brings a bold new look and even more functionality to rekordbox, including a song recommendation function a la Traktor DJ called “Match”, song tagging like Beatport Pro, and the ability to preview mixes using dual players and a crossfader.

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Primarily designed to let you prepare your DJ sets on your laptop for export to a USB stick for use on compatible Pioneer equipment (mainly pro DJ gear, but also the Pioneer XDJ-R1 and XDJ-Aero), the software lets you create playlists, analyse BPMs, and set cue points for songs in your music library. But in v3, it’s like Pioneer took the best bits from other apps aimed at DJs and rolled them in, throwing up some intriguing possibilities.

Is Pioneer working towards its own complete DJ app?

Could Pioneer controllers soon plug into your laptop and work with rekordbox directly (rekordbox 4.0?), like Serato and Traktor and the like? Or will we soon have an all-in-one DJ controller with a built-in mid-spec’d computer and LED screens running rekordbox – software that only needs a USB key filled with songs?

Or, is this just a case of tidying up and adding more bells and whistles to the “prep on a laptop, play from USB” paradigm? Only time will tell, but our view is that Pioneer is working towards its own software for its own hardware; the company is big enough to surely want this.

For now, though, rekordbox 3.0 appears to be a huge improvement over its predecessor.

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Are you a rekordbox user? Do you think these new features speed up your set preparation and library management? Do you think Pioneer is working towards its own complete DJ software program? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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