Numark Teases New All-In-One Serato DJ Controller

Numark Embedded

How's that for a monster of a DJ controller? Numark's NS7II with a built-in Windows computer running Serato, in a slide apparently being shown off by Numark at the Microsoft Build developer conference. Pic: Create Digital Music

What do you get when you cross Numark's flagship NS7II controller, Serato, and an embedded PC? This monster of a controller, that's what! While we currently have no further details of this device, this genuine picture from Numark shows a DJ controller with a computer built in, and a version of Serato DJ running right there in the unit.

The photo is apparently from the Microsoft Build developer conference, and was spotted by eagle-eyed erstwhile Digital DJ Tips writer DJ Hombre, tucked at the bottom of a Create Digital Music article yesterday. It clearly shows Serato software running, using a version of Windows called Windows Embedded.

Whether this is just a concept or it actually exists we don't know, but with strong rumours that Native Instruments will be building full displays into the next Traktor gear, it does look like manufacturers are thinking more seriously about incorporating the full DJ experience into a unit that doesn't need a laptop, iOS device or anything else to run. We'll keep you informed as we find out more...

Do you like the look of this new device? Do you know anything more about it that we don't? Would this be strong competition for the Pioneer DDJ-SZ? Please share your thoughts on Numark's new behemoth in the comments.

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  1. Paddway says:

    I love the look and the concept. But what scares me is the price.

  2. Brendan Wrixon says:

    I might go controller! I am at heart a digital dj, but when I play out I rock vinyls or cds simply because I dont want my la[ptop in a club.
    They told me never to go full controller,
    but I might just go full controller

  3. schmeagz says:

    Looks awesome they need to make this :-)

  4. BoomDraw says:

    It looks amazing to me. The only issue I would see is with OS issues and with these careless DJ's mistreating the unit (Unless ofcourse they make the parts easily replaceable). If all goes well with this it looks to be one more nail into the coffin of CDJs as an industry standard

    • I partially agree with you, the CONCEPT is amazing.

      I think as far as replacing the CDJ as a standard, maybe not in the way you think. I think the future industry standard will be NO standard at all.

      That's right, just a PA/Sound system will be there, waiting for you to connect to it; a flat space where turntables/CDJ and mixer used to be. Everybody will just show up with an extra large briefcase shaped bag, controller inside.

      • This is in fact the sad truth. I have played in quite a few places where this is already the norm.

        • BoomDraw says:

          How is this a sad truth?

          • djvintage says:

            I am guessing here, but ... if you don't have real nice gear yourself you can no longer have the "luxury" of playing on a 5k Nexus setup?

            Personally I'd be fine with bringing my own gear, on the other hand, I'd expect to be paid for it. Unfortunately, with many DJ's already bringing their own gear, club owners don't expect to have to pay for gear at all anymore.

            Nobody ever said it would be easy.


          • It's sad because gear installations are awesome, rolling in with just your laptop, records, needles, or even just a flash drive for CDJs is sweet.

        • ForcedHand says:

          Awesome! I hate having to plunk down next to or over turntables with my gear. It would be very difficult to mimic my layout even if the gear was available, I presume the sand is true for other people.

  5. Antonis says:

    Pioneer set the bar for high end controllers at $2k. For modern day electronic component prices, $2k leaves a lot of headroom for the competition to incorporate not only a Windows based PC that can run Serato… I m sure they could make it run a double screen Metal Gear Solid at 60fps...

  6. SunnyMOD says:

    I think, if they really use this new innovation, they definetly should start a new series of controllers and not continue the old one.
    and it would be good if they'd integrate the screen better into the working surface. this looks like a cheap photoshop mix out of 3 ipads an an ns7, and it doesn't look handy at all, and that's what a controller makes better than a CDJ, the portybility.

  7. Yupp but I'd like to see this from NI.

  8. Id buy this NS7 if it ever comes out.

  9. I called it a year ago. Give us machines that don't require a laptop, just plug in your USB storage device and go.

    Live DJ'ing with a PC/Mac is seeing it's last days. PC/Macs will still be used for prep work, ahead of time, at home. With a pair of Pioneer CDJ-900s or a pair of Denon SC2900s having the ability to run off of one USB storage device, who wants a PC/Mac blocking their view of the crowd?

    This is not the first controller of this kind, it's just the first to do it on this scale. American Audio put out the Versadeck, a controller that doesn't need a PC/Mac to perform, just a USB storage device.

    This will not be the last PCless/Macless setup/system you see like this. This is just the beginning.

    • DJ Vintage says:

      I agree with it being great to have an integrated computer. What I don't agree with is that using 900s/2900s with just a USB storage device is a nice way to work. Searching for tracks, getting extra information, it all s*cks on those small player screens (even on the 2000s) and having just 1 knob to find tracks, not good either.

      I imagine if Numark comes out with something like this, there will be a keyboard incorporated somewhere (seperate possibly like the old D2Director of yester year (also played music from a USB device without the need for pc btw). And if they can make them touch screens while they are at it ...

    • Dj Franky says:

      i love this was time Versadeck way have sons and daughters...Waht about we work with other programms like VDJ ??

    • I doesn't require a laptop, but you're still connected to an external computer (NUC).

  10. Holy Mother_of_God.This is fucking awesome. Who wouldn't want one of these..

  11. John Trend says:

    it will be good for weddings...i don't see how a respectable club/disco will buy this for their venue

  12. DJ Vintage says:

    Wait til Pioneer expands their SZ into something like this. We'll talk again LOL.

    Especially if they make it so you can do a 1-button reset to factory default and people can bring their USB device with presets saved.

    Bring your external SSD (by then affordable up til 512GB or so), hook it to such a unit, load presets (like you can already do on the CDJ2000s) and start playing.

    I can most definitely see this going club too.

    Mind you, there is the little issue of backup in case of crash/failure. But hey, if your DJM stops in the middle of a set you are up the proverbial creek too.


  13. dj SoniQ says:

    Errr, how do we move this around again?

  14. Not worth it...if this thing breaks down, your fucked. Potential windows embedded issues, as well as hard drive issues. Think of the repair costs for this all-in-one unit....not worth it.

  15. DJ Marcel says:

    Why serato? You might use any DJ software. And yes it looks big, and yes it looks like 3 tablets cuoupled with a standard controller. But oow it looks good

    • djvintage says:

      With just about every controller being Serato labelled at recent tradeshows and NI keeping a tight lid on things, there isn't much choice, really.

      If you open up the platform for other DJ software, the whole song and dance about stability, drivers, etx. starts again. I think this kind of gear only works if you do it "Apple"-style, i.e. keeping it all in one hand so you know 100% the solution works out of the box and you don't have to worry about third-party suppliers.

      And yes, it looks good. Actually reminds me of some of the more current digital live sound boards. Digital was a few years ahead there compared to DJ-ing. From a relatively hard to master, small display Yamaha board to today's highly effective boards featuring 10"+ touchscreen (often multiple) that scene has come a long way. I'd say it's gonna go that way with digital DJ-gear too.


  16. Crossfit kid says:

    Scary. What would be nice is if it was a stand alone unit as that accepts a laptop input as well. Don't put all your eggs on one basket. Always have a backup. And it definitely needs a keyboard. My collection is 60k songs deep and growing. Imagine searching with one knob. And what about playlist management?

  17. Chriztoph says:

    It looks great whenever its real or not. Vinyls and CDs will not dissapear, but I think that is the future of dj equipment.

  18. Rói Hjaltalin says:

    how about having one or two cd slots in there somewhere ?

  19. Sagar Mody says:

    WOW- that looks like a monster, standalone- I own a club and am tired of CDJ's kind of set up? lol.. It should be good if they give it a go.. but I agree with a lot of people; its going to be very expensive.

  20. truly idiotic - how on earth did they think up that?

  21. All in all it's just a controller with a portable attached to it, just to play your tunes.
    Everybody wants the portable out of the booth, but they all want cd-players with huge screens so they can see the waveforms ...

  22. Unix Axwell says:

    It was about time!!!!

  23. BoomDraw says:

    So what If it looks like 3 Ipads photoshopped onto the NS7. Does the display realistically need to look any different? Come on folks

  24. DJ Certified says:

    Another way to make being a dj accessible... Don't like it, what made dj's stand out was there ability to bring there own gear even with a laptop you can just show up and have your laptop ready but now all they have to do is bring some head phones and probably an external hard drive...

    • djvintage says:

      At the end of the day you have to do all the same work. If you don't own one of these, but let's say it would become "club-standard", then yeah, bringing your prepped set on external HD, your own cans and possible your own mic (I am peculiar that way LOL) would suffice.

      I can only applaud that.


  25. Very Nice All In One (Starter) Kit. It looks like DJ Technology is going more to these All-In-One Units. All the bells and whistles are nice however SOUND QUALITY needs to remain as a Priority or all of the $$$ will go into the bells and whistles as apposed to getting good sound out of a unit like this...

  26. WildcardX says:

    I only have to things coming to mind and were mentioned before.

    1) Keyboard for quick searches

    2) Connecting External drives get the driver installed. The drivers are usually native to the OS and may come with their updates even. This to me means that this has to some how be able to access the Internet just like a regular computer to remain up to date. So if for some reason you got a new hard drive now carrying the latest and greatest that requires your computer to get drivers you are basically going to have to do this some how and if you happen to have to share your gear (God Forbid) or go to a venue where this is part of the home set up and your HDD is not supported you are basically not going to get paid.

    3) Screen size is definitely going to be a problem though there may be more real estate for the panes. Even if they use Retina displays it will be a bit hard on the eyes.

    All in all this is probably a concept that has a few things I think to be thought out before it actually becomes production

  27. I thought that digital Djing would go towards flexibility and portability

  28. jorge playero says:

    this device already exists in the market, not many services I already had in my hands and is excellent device, but has not had the publicity that requires a product of these, all just as accurate with one screen where you have everything here is the link for this device so that I know

  29. Dj Ricky Redz says:

    just imagine if you could insert an apple mac mini inside instead of running windows!!!

  30. Not really sure why no one is bringing up the inherent issues of creating a "true" all-in-one when it comes to reliability and troubleshooting; technical knowhow and Google alone won't help with units like these, you're going to have to send them back to be fixed.

    Also this is NOT computer free, they are just running a screenless PC (NUC), you cna buy the i5 versions on Amazon for around $350. Considering the NS7's price point without the screen and Akai software/backing this in no way will kill the laptop + controller combo, in fact it will make a lot of them seem more affordable.

    After the issues the DDJ line had on release you'd think people would be a bit more cautious about hyping something, waiting a year after release is sound advice for a unit like this.

  31. Fathertyme says:

    As of right now we can all speculate about the price and go off of what we're seeing in the picture. This thing is a beast and it looks pretty damn impressive but we've had these type of mock ups before...didn't Numark make a DJ Controller with a MPC embedded. Not a great concept or idea for all but those who like to DJ and Produce it would/can make sense. Also it was brought up why just have it geared towards Serrato? Industry standard for one and also compatiblitity issues with the numerous versions of software, hardware and OS version (Mac or Windows).

    Also it's entirely possible to create a PC based DJ Controller without having it weight a ton or looking like a 32/64 track board.

  32. No thank you Numark. No a million times no.

  33. How much is it I will like
    To know that is hot

  34. Lawd have mercy, this is a phenomenal concept. I just hope they offer financing with it, I fear it will be very, very expensive

  35. WildcardX says:

    Another thing is if there is some problem with the built in computer, if it goes down you are out of a controller and possibly income. Current Controller /PC configuration allows for at least getting back in the game with another laptop/mac with little down time.

  36. Barticus says:

    putting way too many eggs in 1 basket...only buy if you can afford to buy 2 and always have a backup on hand

  37. Dj P-Rare says:

    i must admit nice idea but i already hate looking at my 13 in screen i could imaging the size of those screens. If pc goes down then what is there an option to still plug up my mac or does everything die all in one shot.

  38. Elliott Spender says:

    I can not wait to see Native Instruments response to this. Especially with those nice new Maschine Studio screens. Maybe this is why they held back with their recent update to MK2.

    • DJ David Michaels says:

      Pretty sure N.I. has been sitting on the sideline watching Serato take over for quite some time now. The only thing they have done/received recently is the DDJ-SX mapping.

  39. Great idea, BAD brand name. Just sayin'...

  40. All Pioneer is gonna do is release a controller with touch screens with support rekordbox a few months after this and it's a wrap. I love the concept and really like numark controller but the whole idea with controllers is portabilty this is something meant to be installed in a club, as much as I would like the idea I wouldn't get one to carry to gigs with... just my $0.02

    • yea, I can't get over the sizr of this, it's just not practical for a controller, maybe if they built it with a screen similar to a 7-10 tablet along the top, or screens similar to the ones on the CDJ2000 then it'd be worth considering but not as shown.

  41. Here are some suggestions for this unit:

    1. Have HDMI output for Serato video.
    2. Built in USB ports for multiple hard drives.
    3. Support for external cd/dvd burner or keyboards.
    4. Support for second pc (use as a backup).
    5. Send an return for EFX units.
    6. Display 4 Deck layout.
    7. DVS support.
    8. Monitor output

  42. Klaus Mogensen says:

    Quick question: Is it currently possible to run Serato DJ on 3 monitors like that?

  43. I'm sure that the apple fans are cringing right now because it runs on windows

  44. It seems to me that most of the conserns people are having are stemming from prejudices based on their particular preferred setup. This units seems to be an almost enitrely new thing. It's not quite in house cdj; it's not a laptop and controller either. A standalone unit dedicated to runnign one program isn't likely to crash. All the cash registers and point of sales machines you see in the grocery store? Windows. ATM's? Windows. So what OS its running on shouldn't be a concern (you should be more worried about the software itself).

    The only real concern i can see is making a flight case for this thing!

  45. Looks great, it looks expensive like 2k expensive, but its value for money if you see all the hardware included.

    i would add a touch strip and more colour on those pads.

    • DJ David Michaels says:

      Again $2000 is not near what this would/should cost. The DDJ-SZ is $2000 and the NS7II is $1500. Now add THREE screens and a built in computer......................... yeah. Not to mention that when it comes to DJ gear $2,000 is baby food. I was happy to shell out the $2k for my SZ. It cost 1/4 the price my main rig cost me. Granted it is not nearly as capable but the point is you get what you pay for and big picture wise $2,000 is nothing.

  46. What kind of storage would be provided with this and would it be capable of plugging a external hd in. Numark is poorly built I think so I would wait for either Traktor or Pioneer to produce one as

  47. so, no more side by side track displays? that would be a big plus over traktor to me.

  48. Denon HD2500 was/is awesome. No laptop needed. Plug your HD/USB or any other device and your good to go. Denon DJ should have expanded on that platform/idea by adding large screens/video mixing. Instead they discontinued.

    • DJ David Michaels says:

      I believe this is what happens when something does not sell. Fortunately or Unfortunately the 19" rack mount days are over. I still use 19" but only for amps & processors etc.

  49. Someone should take a laptop, and replace the keyboard with some small controller (NI X1 + Z1, or similar)... That would be realy portable all in one :)

  50. I love this concept. That's exactly what I have been asking for a long time ago, for the new so called "inteligent" type of controllers with more than just midi knobs. Stanton, Numark and Pionner have already made some steps into this direction, but with the exception of the CDJ-2000 nexus, these don't yet cut into the professional realm. If only the price tag could be within reach, I am sure that this will convince a lot o DJ's who don't want to carry their laptops everytime. The catch is that these new inteligent controllers should be inteligent enough to integrate well with other devices as well, just like the CDJ-2000 (not so much with the nexus latest version) which is able to connect to whatever you want and still display the most relevant information on the built in screen. This is the future, I am sure. Still wondering why it took so much time for others to get this...

  51. says:

    Eh, not a fan of the idea. You'd basically be going from one computer today, to using two. Are you going to fire up your controller every time you want to work on your tracks or get new music? Not likely, so you'll still need your laptop anyway. Seriously, how big of a burden is it to carry a laptop??? If anything, this controller will be HUGE, and a pain to tote around. Laptops will continue to get slimmer, the feature sets will continue to improve while the cost continues to come down (Excluding Apple). So I really don't see an advantage to this concept. I just see a lot of potential inconvenience and risk.

    Earlier in the thread someone mentioned the potential cost of a beast such as this, and I agree, it'll be steep. My guess....$3K.

    Assuming it come to light.

  52. I'm not afraid of the price, I'm afraid of the weight!

  53. Looks great , I think I will wait for this to come out before I go fully digital djing

    dj krazy AL (Essex)

  54. DJ DADDY says:

    no comment except to wait for it to roll out in the market, grab one, carry it to the club n rock it!

  55. Fanie The Villain says:

    At least you can exclude the laptop from your set.

  56. No Thanks! You're better off just buying a cheap laptop that you can do anything with rather than having something embedded in a controller. Way too limited, and sure to be overpriced for what you'll get. I'm sure the controller side of things will be fine, but I'd rather have my own laptop. What the hell are you going to do if there is a software a grip in shipping costs to send this beast to BFE to be fixed, that's what. Better off staying modular.

  57. Master Of Coin! says:

    "Small" Controller for a mobile gig, and CDJs 2ks and a REAL mixer for clubs, never that i would demean myself using a setup like this, dont matter if it INMUSIC or Pioneer products.

    If your mobile you want it SMALL!

  58. Yes is a nice controller is awesome so please numark make this happend no dj need to use laptop never again only for backup.

  59. Crazybomerman says:

    I saw something similar... DDJ SZ with 3 External USB Powered Touch Screens and Custom Virtual DJ Skin...

  60. DJ Peter says:

    Always funny to read these posts a while after they were released. If half of what you all suggest would be nice to have in this unit, the price will be very close to what's now already in the market... Yes, you right, the Pioneer Nexus2 setup. It's just that it's made of separate units, that can play all sorts of formats (USB, CD, SD, DJ-Link & Software). But now that price doesn't seems to be a matter anymore, you can also add a 3rd and 4th deck as well, being quite sure that if one goes down, you can still continue playing with whatever you prefer. And yes, not all the effects ,that the software offers.... Well with the newly added USB-port for iPad/software effects, I can not really imagine a situation where there won't will be enough effects... I think it's great that everything one could ever want in a DJ Booth already exists, but for controllers I think they should stay being controllers. Smaller, affordable, still within a price range where you can get high quality gear very near Club standard. Next step already exists but it would be nice to see someone challenge Pioneer for that position because no one does that now. That's not how a free market is supposed to work. Possible? Of course it is. Denon, at least in Sweden, had 99% of the market here 1994-2004 when finally Pioneer started to get in to the clubs here. Denons problem were that they never could make a player that could read CDs very well. They put in every bell and whistle they could think of while reliability came last. Pioneer prioritized reliability and started out very careful with only a simple loop and master tempo and made sure everything worked flawless. They were never cheaper, but could still take over as the nr 1 in the Booths. That, to me, shows what professional actually think is more important. Now, they put all the Bells n Whistles in their gear, but I can see several ''holes'' in their product line. One were recently filled with Denons new MCX-8000. It's not quite there yet, but with a MkII and better screens they will be, unless Pioneer counters... Exciting to say the least.

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