Epsilon-Pro Inno-Propak Turntable & Mixer Package Launched

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Epsilon-Pro mixer Turntables
Last updated 6 November, 2017


The Inno-Propak is a contemporary “two turntables and a mixer” combo at an attractive price.

A low-cost turntable and mixer combo was announced yesterday by Epsilon-Pro. Consisting of two DJT-1300 direct drive turntables and an Inno-Mix two-channel scratch mixer, the Inno-Propak is aimed at starter DJs looking for a lot of function at a relatively low price.

As vinyl sales continue to grow in 2014 despite the shift towards digital music formats, manufacturers today seem to be keen on producing turntables, as evidenced by the spate of both analogue and hybrid turntables like the Reloop RP-8000 and, more recently, Pioneer’s PLX-1000. While both of these models cater to DJs and enthusiasts with thicker wallets, Epsilon-Pro’s DJT-1300 turntables seek to fill the budget end of the scale (they retail separately for US$349 each).

They have some nifty features such as dual start-stop buttons for regular or battle orientation, 78rpm speed, pitch control buttons, and also come with a switchable line/phono output and a USB port. While not “pro” (despite the brand’s name), they certainly offer more than the poor belt-drive models many older DJs will remember as their first turntables!

The Inno-Mix 2 is a two-channel mixer meant for scratching. It has a Mini Innofader as a crossfader (that’s a good thing), and comes with three-band EQ and kill switches, a microphone input with its own EQ section, and four inputs (two switchable line/phono inputs, two line inputs). The Inno-Mix also has extended fader features such as fader curve adjustment, fader reverse, and even fader start.

The Inno-Propak (two turntables and the mixer) retails at US$799, and it’s fair to say that this price should raise a few eyebrows regarding its build quality, among other things, so rest assured that we’ll give it a thorough test first and foremost here at the lab before we recommend it to you!

• The Inno-Propak is available now for US$799 and is available in black or white finish.

Are you looking to get into the world of DVS, but haven’t found an affordable option? If you’ve never tried DJing on turntables, is a budget package like this one enough to convince you to give them a try? What’s your opinion on the latest slew of turntables that have been coming out? Let us know in the comments below.

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