Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.3 Adds Innovative Recommendation Engine

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 16 October, 2014


Mixvibes Cross DJ
The latest version of Mixvibes Cross DJ includes a song recommendation feature called Track Match, among other improvements.

Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.3 was released yesterday, with an all-new Track Match feature that adds some innovative twists to the “recommendation engine” idea to help you choose the next track to play.

Similar to the track recommendation features in Virtual DJ 8 and Traktor DJ, Mixvibes Cross DJ’s Track Match goes the extra mile by having three distinct modes of operation.

There’s Automatic Match, which suggests tunes based on BPM and musical key; History Match, which shows songs you’ve already played with the currently playing song, helping you remember sweet track combos without having to write them down; and Manual Match, which lets you pair songs as a combination even though they’re wildly different for later recall, at the touch of a button.

I used to keep a small pen and notebook in my back pocket to jot down song combinations and on-the-fly mashes, but it’s all too easy to get lost in the moment and forget them; you’re supposed to be DJing, after all. By adding Track Match, Mixvibes Cross DJ not only lets you make use of your library more efficiently, it also acts as a failsafe for saving those great mix moments that may potentially be lost forever.

The software also sports a new 64-bit architecture for better performance, stability, and audio quality.

• MixVibes Cross DJ 3.3 is available now for US$49, while the full “bells and whistles” Mixvibes Cross 3.3 is available for US$129. This is a free update for all existing Mixvibes Cross and Cross DJ users.

Do you think the Track Match recommendation feature and similar functions on other software are a boon or a crutch for digital DJs? How do you think this affects the performance of veterans compared to new DJs? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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