Friday Roundup: Why Trust & Integrity Are Key To DJing Success

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 14 November, 2014


Friday Roundup
Psst! Fibbing to get ahead and acting like a complete douche to promoters are surefire ways to put your DJ career behind bars. Find out why honesty, integrity, and being plain ol’ nice gets you further in the music industry for longer in this week’s Friday Roundup.

In today’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got an important article for you on why it pays to be nice in the music industry, which is well worth a read. There’s also a review on Akai’s new AMX and AFX DJ controllers, a tutorial on using the Traktor Kontrol F1 with the Kontrol S2, and a great piece on how the fall of the Berlin Wall changed techno. It’s all here, conveniently bundled for you in what we call our Friday Roundup. Happy weekend, folks!

  1. Why Integrity Means Everything In The Music Industry – Think stepping on others’ toes to get to the top gets you there faster? Decoded Magazine explains why being trustworthy is as important as being professional, and makes a case against the “dog eat dog” mentality rife in the dance music industry Read more
  2. Top 10 Highest Paid Underground DJs – We all know who the megabuck popstar DJs are, but what about the “underground” acts who are making bank as well? EDM Sauce lists its top 10 Read more
  3. YouTube’s Streaming Answer To Spotify Launched – While the “streaming vs downloads” debate rages on, YouTube has announced its music subscription service positioned against Spotify. inthemix has the story Read more
  4. How The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Changed Techno Forever – Too young to remember the fall of “The Wall”? Let this brief backgrounder show you how the tearing down of the Berlin Wall affected dance music. Traxsource has it Read more
  5. Akai AMX And AFX Serato DJ Controllers Reviewed – Our friends at DJ Techtools have taken Akai’s new Serato DJ controllers for a spin Read more
  6. How To Use The Traktor Kontrol F1 With The Kontrol S2 – Here’s an article by Traktor Tips on how to integrate a pair of Traktor Kontrol F1’s to your S2 controller for some Remix Deck action Read more
  7. Reloop Neon Performance Routine By JFB – Check out how turntablist JFB uses the Reloop Neon pad controller in this brilliant live remix routine. DJ Worx has it Read more
  8. The DJ’s Purpose According To Josh Wink – DJ/producer legend Josh Wink explains his take on the DJ’s responsibility to a crowd and the importance of keeping one’s integrity uncompromised as an entertainer. Traxsource has the exclusive Read more
  9. Nina Kraviz And Pional Show You How They Remix – Red Bull Music Academy commissioned five DJ/producers to remix a tune by indie-darling Jessie Ware. Check out two of them here in XLR8R’s article Read more
  10. Ideas For Your Next Post-Rave Mineral Water Bottle – “DIY DJ” videos are all over YouTube, from Manila’s DJ Kalan “Stove Aoki” routine, to this one from DJ Castro all the way in Mozambique. Check out his version of an 11-minute rager on Mixmag Watch it

What’s your policy when it comes to dealing with difficult people in the DJ / clubbing industry? Where were you during the fall of the Berlin Wall? Have your own DIY DJ video to share with us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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