Friday Roundup: 2014’s Best Tracks You Need Now!

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 12 December, 2014


Best of 2014
Find out what dance tracks you missed this year and top up your DJ library with these comprehensive lists of the best music from 2014, as complied by Traxsource.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve found for you a rundown of hundreds of the best dance music from 2014 that you’ll want to top up your virtual crates with, opinion editorials on EDM and female DJs and producers, and a list of legendary dance tracks you didn’t know were actually remixes. All these and more in this week’s Friday Roundup. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. 2014’s Best Dance Music – If you’re looking to update your DJ library, look no further: Traxsource has listed the year’s best tunes, compilations, and even loop/sample packs! Read more
  2. Use Traktor To Create Your Own DJ Chart – Want to know what your most played tunes are for the month? There’s an app for that. Create Digital Music has the story Read more
  3. Should Mainstream Producers Hate On EDM? – What effect does EDM criticism from dance music producers who’ve made it big have on the scene? Crossfadr explores the phenomenon, and shares a suggestion: Don’t bite the hand that feeds Read more
  4. Women Who DJ And The Men Terrified Of Them – There aren’t enough female DJs and producers out there, but what goes on behind the backs of the ones that do go on to become successful? 5 Magazine takes a look at the unfair balance and apparent misogyny behind the dance music industry Read more
  5. Crane Stand Elite DJ Laptop Stand Reviewed – Our friends at DJ Worx take Crane’s latest laptop stand to task Read more
  6. 10 Essential Dance Tracks That Are Actually Remixes – Thought that tune you heard back in 1997 was the original version? Surprise, surprise…it’s actually a remix! THUMP lists 10 legendary dance songs that were more popular than the original Read more
  7. Warning: DJing Is Hazardous To Your Health – Lower back pains? Stage-dive injuries? Shoulder rotator cuff tears from throwing too many cakes? EDM is risky business, according to Mixmag Read more

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