Friday Roundup: You Need To Know These Legendary DJ Booths

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Friday roundup
Last updated 5 August, 2017


Check out DJ booths from the world's most renown clubs in this week's Friday Roundup, among other reads we've curated just for you.
Check out DJ booths from the world’s most renowned clubs in this week’s Friday Roundup, among other reads we’ve curated just for you.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, check out legendary DJ booths past and present from around the world, learn how to set up Midi maps in Traktor, and find out who the power players are in the dance music industry today. They’re all here in our weekly muster of DJ news, tips, and bits from around the web. Have a great weekend, folks!

  1. Killin’ It: Photos From DJ Booths Around The World – Take a peek behind the DJ booths of the most loved clubs in the history of dance music. Bonus points if you’ve partied in any of them! THUMP has the piece Read more
  2. Who Rules Dance Music? – Billboard picked out the top 30 power players behind today’s multimillion dollar dance music industry Read more
  3. Watch NI Traktor Stems In Action – DJ Worx has an exclusive webcast straight from Native Instruments HQ of its soon to be released multitrack file format Watch it
  4. This App Tracks Song Drops – Check out this web app that detects and plays nothing but song drops. Music Machinery has it Read more
  5. Setting Up Midi Maps In Traktor – DJ Techtools has a tutorial on getting those Midi maps properly set up and ready to go Read more
  6. How To Live Stream DJ Sets With Your Phone – Mojaxx over at DJ City UK gives a tutorial on how to use Periscope to broadcast your DJ sets as they happen Read more

What DJ booths would you like to have seen in THUMP’s roundup? Have you tried Periscope already? Feel free to comment on any of the articles in the section below.

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