Pioneer Adds Streaming Music To Rekordbox DJ

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Pioneer DJ Pro Pulselocker Rekordbox DJ
Last updated 10 April, 2018


Pioneer DJ just launched Pulselocker streaming within Rekordbox DJ, letting you DJ with songs from its millions-strong catalgoue.

Pioneer DJ just launched Pulselocker integration for Rekordbox DJ. That means you can now stream music straight from the Pulselocker catalogue from within Rekordbox DJ, giving you access to millions of songs for a monthly fee.

There are two kinds of subscriptions: Pro costs US$19.99/month and lets you cache songs offline as well as perform in public venues with them, while Basic costs US$9.99/month minus offline caching and the licence to perform with the songs publicly.

Pulselocker was first to arrive in Serato DJ, and now that it’s made its way to Rekordbox DJ, potentially more DJs could experience the streaming service. What we’d like to see, though, is the ability to transfer Pulselocker music from Rekordbox DJ onto a USB stick for use on CDJs and other Pioneer DJ pro club gear – that’d be a real head turner.

• Pulselocker is now available on Rekordbox DJ. Check the Rekordbox website for more details.

Have you tried Pulselocker yet? Are you keen on trying it out? Where do you think music streaming for DJs is headed? Let us know below.

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