Friday Roundup: Curators – The Unsung Heroes Of Music Streaming

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Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


What’s it like making playlists full time for services like Spotify and Tidal? Find out in this week’s Friday Roundup.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got an in-depth look at the folk who curate all those playlists that music fans rely on when using streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. We’ve also got a look at a Kickstarter for a new pair of headphones that adapt to your listening preferences, and a feature on a DJ who spun for 10 days straight. All these and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web. Have a great weekend!

  1. The Playlist Professionals – Ever wonder what it’s like to create music playlists for a living? Is it just like DJing, but without the screaming fans and laser lights? Buzzfeed has it Read more
  2. DJ Spins For 10 Straight Days – A new world record for the longest DJ performance has been set by DJ Obi of Nigeria. DJ Mag has it Read more
  3. How Competitions Can Prevent Fake DJ Routines – The winner of this year’s Red Bull Thre3style Australian competition was just caught miming to a pre-recorded set during the finals. DJ Techtools shares how it thinks similar occurrences can be avoided Read more
  4. DIY Your Custom Mixer – Boutique mixer brand The Schertler Group is coming out with a modular mixer system that lets you customise your own live or studio mixer. Decoded Magazine has it Read more
  5. Kickstarter For Adaptable Headphones Launched – These headphones “learn” how you hear to offer a tailored listening experience. Magnetic Magazine has it Read more

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