Revealed: The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 All-In-One System

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Pioneer DJ Pro rekordbox XDJ-RX XDJ-RX2
Last updated 2 October, 2018


(Editor’s Note: Pioneer DJ has officially unveiled the XDJ-RX2, check it out.)

Pioneer DJ has just teased its upcoming XDJ-RX2 all-in-one controller: the screenshot above comes from the DDJ-XP1 promo video, which itself was just released a few minutes ago.

The XDJ-RX2 looks like it will be the follow-up to the original XDJ-RX, and from the image above, it looks like it will have a two-channel mixer, new onboard effects (is that Dub Echo we see?), eight performance pads per deck, and a slightly redesigned layout – the USB jacks now sit on the upper right of the unit, for instance. There are also more buttons on the top of the XDJ-RX2 screen – no news yet whether or not it will be touch-sensitive.

We speculated on the XDJ-RX2 a few months back: we guessed that it would have the bump in performance pads, but our four-channel mixer dreams do not seem to have materialise (XDJ-RZ, anyone?) We’re hoping that the XDJ-RX2 will have a touchscreen onboard, which will make browsing so much easier, assuming that it’ll have a software Qwerty keyboard like the XDJ-1000 media player. We’ll just have to sit tight for Pioneer DJ’s official announcement…

Check the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery

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What features and functions would you like to see on the XDJ-RX2? Are you interested in getting an all-in-one system like this? Share your thoughts below.

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