DJ Tips & Tricks: Simple Hack To See Your DJ App Better When Spinning Outdoors

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Club/Festival DJing Pro
Last updated 19 November, 2018


For Mac users:

For PC users:

If you’ve ever had trouble seeing your laptop’s screen when DJing outdoors, here’s a trick for you to try: Macs and PCs have the ability to invert display colours. That means the darker colours of your screen become brighter and vice versa.

Almost all DJ apps have a dark user interface because most of the time, you’re DJing in a dark environment like a club or a pub, or at least under some kind of shade.

But if you’re spinning outdoors say at the beach, or the sun’s right behind you, it becomes harder to see your DJ software interface because of the glare and reflection. You can try adjusting your laptop’s screen and repositioning it on your DJ booth desk, but when those still aren’t enough, you’ll want to try this display inversion trick.

Watch these videos on YouTube: click here for Mac, or click here for PC.

Have you had any gig experiences outdoors where it was tough to see your screen and it hampered your DJing? Share them with us below.

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