New Video Lessons: DJ Rachel’s Virtual DJ Tips For Mobile DJs

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 16 May, 2019


Are you an event, mobile or wedding DJ using Virtual DJ, looking for some tips on how better to utilise the program? If so, watch on as today we’ve got three videos from DJ Rachel showing you how to use filter folders, create your own redrums, and use the sampler to enhance your performances.

1. Tame your library with filter folders

Mobile DJs need to have huge libraries to deal with all manner of requests. But big libraries bring problems of organisation. Luckily, technology offers all kinds of ways to tame large music libraries, and Virtual DJ has some particularly powerful features. In this lesson, DJ Rachel covers library basics, but focuses mainly on the powerful filter folder functions in Virtual DJ.

2. Update old tracks & mix better with live redrums

Event DJs, probably more than any other type of DJ, have to play music from all eras. Trouble is, many older tracks sound, well, “old” against modern productions. Here, DJ Rachel shows you how to create live re-edits that beef up the drums on older tracks, and also how to use the same techniques to make tracks easier to mix with.

3. Easily add your own DJ drops and sound effects

Most good wedding, corporate and mobile DJs have a handful of personalised DJ drops, and many make playing sound clips a feature of their DJing, either to personalise a set to a client, or as part of events, games and so on within DJ sets. Virtual DJ’s powerful sampler is your aid in doing all of this easily, and so in this lesson DJ Rachel lifts the lid on it.


What lessons would you like to see that we maybe haven’t touched on here? We’re always on the lookout for different areas to cover with these free lessons, so let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can get you the answers…

• Thanks to DJ Rachel for making these videos specially for Digital DJ Tips. Check out here Facebook here.

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