Denon DJ Users Get Big Engine Prime Update To 1.5.0

Phil Morse | Read time: 3 mins
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Last updated 6 April, 2021


The Engine Prime 1.5 library manager software for Denon DJ standalone DJ system users has been announced. It brings a new BPM analysis algorithm, better beatgridding, a track preview feature, a new Sync Manager for quicker music transfer to media devices, batch metadata editing, and user preference support for the new Denon DJ units (SC6000/M, Prime 2 and Prime Go).

The 5 biggest Engine Prime 1.5 changes

Let’s take a closer look at the improvements:

Sync manager
The new Sync Manager is a vast improvement on the old drag & drop method of populating your USBs.
  • New BPM detection algorithm – Completely replacing the old algorithm, this is said to be “lightning fast” and to “provide highly accurate results”. Note however that tracks will need to be reanalysed in Engine Prime v1.5 to utilise the new algorithm. We tested it on Oasis’s “Wonderwall” and it was perfectly accurate, and has a convincing sounding timestretch algorithm
  • Sync Manager – The Sync Manager window enables users to select multiple Crates and Playlists to export to any connected media device more easily. It also indicates the space needed for the selected Crates or Playlists as well as the available space for the selected media device. Performance data such as hot cues, loops, and beat grid changes made on Denon DJ Engine OS hardware can also be synced back to the Engine Prime collection
  • Track Preview – Similar to Rekordbox, the new Engine Prime v1.5 features a column for quickly previewing tracks without loading them to the deck. Track preview playback is activated just by clicking on the overview waveform in the track list. Hot cue markers show too, to help users quickly identify tracks that have already been prepared
  • Metadata Batch Edit – You can now select a group of tracks for editing, click the field that needs updating and apply that change to all selected tracks. It operates similarly to how it works in Serato, and is a much-needed improvement for software that wants to be taken seriously as file management for a collection
  • Easy backup and restore – It’s now simple to back everything up for storing externally, and to restore should you need to.

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All of the above are things that users of Denon DJ’s standalone DJ systems have been crying out for, and bring the Engine Prime platform a big step closer in functionality to Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox, the equivalent app for users of Pioneer DJ’s standalone DJ gear.

Denon DJ video

This video gives a really good talkthrough of the new features:

First thoughts

It’s great to see Engine Prime being taken so seriously by its developers, because while people by and large love the Denon DJ hardware, frankly nobody loves Engine! It is seem as a poor cousin to Rekordbox, which provides many more features to DJs prepping sets to play on Pioneer DJ standalone gear.

However, while Rekordbox still leads in library features (especially its world-leading tagging system), Engine Prime appears to be catching up in other areas – and we’re looking forward to putting this software through its paces, particularly to check the beatgridding improvements.

Beyond Denon DJ?

Perhaps the most interesting thing longer-term though, is the way inMusic (the company that owns Engine DJ and Denon DJ, but also owns Numark, Rane, Stanton and a whole host of other DJ and producer brands) is presenting Engine Prime.

No longer simply a “Denon DJ app”, Engine now has its own website (, and two variants: Engine Prime (the software we’re talking about here), and Engine OS (the embedded software that makes the Denon DJ Prime series of DJ hardware units work).

Engine DJ
What, no Denon DJ? Engine – both the “Prime” laptop software and the “OS” embedded technology – now has a new home, with a company called “Engine DJ”. Does that mean we’ll soon see “Engine enabled” hardware from brands other than Denon DJ?

It’s pretty clear to see where this is going: You’ll see hardware from other brands with “Engine inside”. Clearly Rane and Numark are obvious choices, Numark especially so as there is no mid to low-priced equivalent to the Denon DJ hardware (or, indeed, Pioneer DJ’s standalone hardware) right now, and Numark could definitely fill that gap.

Even more intriguing (and far-fetched, for sure) would be the idea of Engine being embedded in other brands’ hardware outside of the inMusic Group. Who knows? After all, many brands make hardware for Serato laptop software – why not make it for Engine OS embedded, too?

Whatever happens, it’s clear that inMusic’s plans for Engine go way beyond Denon DJ. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Denon DJ users can download the software from this link.

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