Free DJ Software Mixxx Gets Pioneer DJ Controller Update

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
DDJ-SB3 mixxx Pioneer DJ
Last updated 9 February, 2022


Open-source DJ platform Mixxx just got an update, with new controller support for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3, and a number of other new features and bug fixes, including the ability to sort playlists by colour – a nice addition.

If you haven’t ever heard of or tried Mixxx, it’s definitely worth a look, for fun if nothing else – it’s matured over the years into a viable open-source alternative to the big names, and as well as working on Mac and Windows, is Linux-friendly.

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It has all the main things you’d expect like DVS support, key detection, effects and so on.

• Check out the Mixxx website here.

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