3 Secret Perks Enjoyed By Our Scratch Students

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 6 October, 2016

Want to know some stuff we don’t normally talk about in public? Read on, but keep it to yourself… 😉

With our Scratching For Controller DJs training about to close for 2016, I wanted to let you in on some valuable but little-known benefits that every student on the training enjoys – benefits that help them learn quicker and more easily, and that help them to enjoy the process much more.

The three little-known benefits…

  1. Six hours of live coaching – Each year, we run six hour-long live coaching webinars, where students can get real-time training, ask questions, and join in with both the tutors and fellow students. They ensure everyone is on track, and help our students to get past obstacles that may be holding them back
  2. Unlimited tutor feedback on your scratching – Because learning to scratch is such an individual thing, and because unless your mistakes are diagnosed properly you’ll never improve, every student can upload unlimited videos of their scratch practice sessions, for one-on-one tutor analysis and advice
  3. Free lifetime membership of our VIP Facebook Group – Maybe you didn’t even know we had a VIP group, but our “inner circle” gets the best of everything. Inside the group, we network, share advice and stories, and there are other bonuses, too (for instance, just this week, every member got a free copy of our forthcoming book on DJing, “Rock The Dancefloor!”). The only way to join this group is by invite… and you’ll get one when you join Scratching For Controller DJs

All of these benefit are enjoyed by all students, in addition to the core 170-video training course AND the three bonus courses, which include the hugely respected (and exclusive to us) “DJ Angelo Power Skills” advanced scratch course.

What to do next

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