Beatport’s Streaming Service, Beatport LINK, Finally Arrives

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 24 July, 2019

Beatport LINK – the long-touted DJ streaming service – is now available to DJs for the first time, via a Pioneer DJ app.

As of today, it is available in Pioneer DJ’s latest WeDJ iPhone app (a free download, although Beatport LINK is via paid subscription), and it’s soon coming to Rekordbox DJ too, wiht offline access to tracks meaning no need for internet connectivity when actually DJing.

This means that users of Pioneer hardware platforms from the lowly DDJ-200 right up to to pro-focused DDJ-1000 will soon be able to DJ with Beatport’s catalogue without buying individual tracks.

What is Beatport LINK?

Beatport LINK is the outcome of Beatport buying the defunct Pulselocker DJ streaming service, and is exciting because it is a product of a DJ-focused online music store, and so presumably will tackle directly some of the issues surrounding DJing with streamed music.

WeDJ now lets you stream music from Beatport LINK and SoundCloud, alongside your local music library.

For instance, we’ve be expecting to see an “offline locker” (confirmed today for Rekordbox DJ by Beatport – see below), so internet connectivity isn’t needed at your actual gig. Also the ability to DJ legally with music from the catalogue. (That said, there is no offline locker capability in the initial implementation in WeDJ, the app designed to partner with the new DDJ-200.)

As of now though, there is access to millions of songs, and it is possible to dig into genres and search. Loading is pretty much instant to decks within WeDJ, with analysis taking place in the background. And while there is no offline locker in this app, once tracks are fully “loaded” onto decks, they don’t require the internet so should connectivity falter, a loaded track will continue to play to the end.

One interesting thing to see will be whether Pioneer DJ and Beatport come to an arrangement whereby streaming tracks, downloaded into an offline Rekordbox “locker”, can then be transferred to a USB to be played on the XDJ and Nexus 2 systems without a laptop.

Watch out for a full review soon.

Beatport’s official announcement regarding Rekordbox DJ

“Fall 2019 will see Beatport launch its next highly-anticipated Beatport LINK integration as part of Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software. Tailored to the pro DJ market, the integration allows Beatport LINK subscribers to stream Beatport’s entire catalogue within rekordbox (sic), alongside unique features such as the ability to access curated playlists.

In its full version, Beatport LINK will be the only service to offer pro DJs unrivalled freedom via an Offline Performance Mode.”

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What are your thoughts on this? do you think this will be one of the defining moments in streaming for DJs becoming mainstream? Let us know your thoughts below.

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