BPM 2015: Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ Talkthrough Video

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
BPM 2015 ddj-rz Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DJ
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Pioneer DDJ-RZ
Pioneer DJ just launched the DDJ-RZ, which is an update to the company’s flagship DDJ-SZ controller that packs in Rekordbox DJ compatibility.

Part of the spate of Pioneer DJ news ahead of the BPM Show is the new Pioneer DDJ-RZ controller, which is very similar to its predecessor the DDJ-SZ except that it’s compatible with the upcoming Rekordbox DJ software. The DDJ-RZ also gets a slight cosmetic facelift, along with the ability to trigger sound samples on the onboard OSC Sampler using the sample banks in Rekordbox DJ.

Check out the full talkthrough video. The Pioneer DDJ-RZ will be available from October 2015 for €2,099. Check out the Pioneer DJ website for more details.

Talkthrough video

What do you think about this controller? Is it something you’d want to upgrade to, especially since it’s Rekordbox DJ compatible? Let us know below.

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