BPM Supreme & BPM Latino DJ Download Pools Get Major Revamp

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 12 October, 2022

The BPM Supreme and BPM Latino DJ download pools today got a major revamp, one of the biggest changes being a slew of new discovery tools aimed at making life easier for time-pushed DJs.

Along with a new logo and company branding, and general design improvements, one of the biggest additional changes that users will notice is that the BPM Supreme and BPM Latino pools have now been combined in one website and mobile app, the latter being renamed “BPM Supreme Latino” – although separate subscriptions are still required for each of the pools.

The company said: “The new BPM Supreme platform boasts a feature-rich interface and curation-driven functionalities like custom playlists, improved search, artist profiles, notifications, and more.”

What’s new?

Key features include an all-new interface with curation-driven features, new music notifications, artist profiles, music recommendations and “find similar” features, the ability for users to follow artists and add favourites, and advanced search with artists, songs, albums, playlists, and curated sets results, plus the ability to filter by version, BPM, key, genre, and more.

BPM Supreme’s mobile app also has been revamped with enhanced features matching those on the new web platform, such as recommendations and new music notifications, designed according to the company “to encourage on-the-go curation, sharing, and more.”

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We’ve had a quick look and everything has certainly moved on a lot from the last versions of the app both on the web and mobile, and we think it’s a smart move to concentrate on helping DJs quickly sort, filter and find what they want. Finding time to discover new music is one of the biggest things our students tell us they find challenging in their DJing.

What about streaming?

Worth pointing out that one thing that isn’t in this announcement is any further news on the DJ music streaming service that Pioneer DJ announced was coming to Rekordbox in conjunction with BPM Supreme, only to quickly postpone it. Rest assured when we hear anything more about that feature we’ll let you know.

• Subscriptions to both BPM Supreme and BPM Latin start at $10/month. More info on the company’s website. The apps are available via the iOS and Android app stores.

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