[BPM|PRO 2016] Chauvet DJ Lighting Video Talkthrough

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 August, 2017

Chauvet DJ
Chauvet DJ has several new lights on display at BPM|PRO 2016 here in Birmingham, and we checked out a couple in this piece.

Chauvet DJ has a couple of new lights at this year’s BPM|PRO DJ Show. One of them is the Freedom Stick, which is a standing LED light that can also be mounted on trusses, and comes in a pack of four. Next is the EVE E-50, which is a profile light for gobo projection that’s also got zooming capabilities for small and medium-sized venues. Finally, the FXPar9 is a multi-wash light that’s got a larger centre wash light in the middle along with a strobe ring.

Check out the talkthrough below.

• The Chauvet DJ Freedom Stick costs £540 and comes in a pack of four sticks. The EVE E-50 costs £499, and the FXPar9 costs £160. All are out now. Check the Chauvet DJ website for more details.

Talkthrough Video

What do you think of these lights? Which one do you want to add to your set-up? Let us know below.

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