Future Looks Bright For DJ Lightshows As Denon DJ Buys SoundSwitch

Phil Morse
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 3 May, 2018


The software/hardware DJ light show space is hotting up, with pro DJ gear company Denon DJ today announcing that it has bought SoundSwitch, the innovative lighting automation startup.

“The SoundSwitch software will continue to bring even more creative options to our DJ customers’ gigs and shows, bringing a more exciting and vibrant experience of lighting, visuals and sound.” said Jack O’Donnell, CEO of Denon DJ.

“With Denon DJ’s support, SoundSwitch will be able to further expand on its vision in both the software and hardware fields at pace. The SoundSwitch team is excited to explore the synergies between the two companies and develop the next generation of lighting products alongside Denon DJ’s impressive hardware.” said Zak Meyers, CEO of SoundSwitch.

SoundSwitch excels because its hardware/software solution allows DJs to pre-programme light shows track-by-track before their gigs, freeing them up to concentrate on the DJing as their lights effectively take care of themselves in exciting and customised ways. It’s something that Pioneer DJ has emulated, too, with its RB-DMX1 hardware, controlled via its Rekordbox DJ software (SoundSwitch currently works with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ 8).

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The Denon DJ and SoundSwitch hookup is an interesting synergy, because Denon DJ has a traditional strength in performance environments (its products are preferred by many event DJs, and of course it has recently made a push for the pro-end of the market with its Prime series), and also has a proprietary and currently under-utilised lighting protocol built into some of its hardware, called StageLinq.

So it looks Denon DJ’s user base of semi-pro and pro DJs – people who are serious about their performances and want custom light shows, but nonetheless may not be in a position to employ somebody to help them to deliver those shows – can look forward to new innovations in this area.

What do you think of this acquisition? Are you a current SoundSwitch user? What do you think it will mean for you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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