Faderfox Launches UC44 16-Fader Controller

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 10 April, 2018

Faderfox UC44
Faderfox just announced a new controller in its Solid Control line of portable devices that are built into their own carrying cases.

German boutique company Faderfox just released the UC44, a controller with 16 faders and eight rotary knobs housed in a robust metal carrying case. It’s bus-powered and comes with custom mappings for Ableton Live 8 and Live 9, though it can be used with any DJ software and digital audio workstation that supports Midi mapping.

The UC44 is the latest unit in Faderfox’s Solid Control line, which debuted in 2014 with the DJ44 controller. We’ve always liked the robust build and small footprint of Faderfox devices, and the UC44 continues that tradition. Coming in at just under €600, it’s more expensive than most other “faders and knobs” controllers out there (the Novation Launch Control XL and Livid DS1, for example), but this is a premium product, after all.

If you want a truly compact device with enough faders to control your Live session, the Faderfox UC44 could be something you’d want to look into. We’ll review it soon and tell you what we think.

• The Faderfox UC44 controller is available now for €599. Check the Faderfox website for more details.

What are your thoughts on this controller? Do you want to add one to your studio or gigging set-up? Let us know below.

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