Friday Five: How Streaming Is Changing The Sound Of Pop

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 30 September, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Pitchfork that unpacks how music streaming listening habits are shaping the way commercial music is written and produced. We’ve also got articles from The Guardian, DJ Worx, Spin, and Mixmag. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. Uncovering How Streaming Is Changing The Sound Of Pop – With millions of songs available through on-demand streaming and human attention spans seemingly at an all-time low, how are producers today making big, inescapable chart hits? Find out how music formats have had a hand in shaping the music that we listen to in this piece by Pitchfork Read more
  2. What Music Do Psychopaths Prefer? – Though Hollywood “psychos” have been depicted as preferring classical / Baroque music (think of Hannibal Lecter), turns out that real-world psychopaths actually enjoy something a little more mainstream. In fact, you’ve probably already played some of their favourite tunes at a wedding. Find out what tracks they are in this article by The Guardian Read more
  3. Who Cares About DJ Battles? – This lengthy post from DJ Worx deals with the financial and marketable realities of turntablist DJ competitions, and why, though they appeal to “scratch nerds” like some of us DJs, we are the only market – and we’re a tiny slice of the DJ population, let alone the entire dance music world. Also, read on to find out why the author thinks “#actualDJing” is a more apt hashtag than #realDJing Read more
  4. Steve Aoki Doesn’t Just Throw Cakes – Most everyone knows Steve Aoki for his brand of high-energy EDM and stage antics, but behind the hard-partying is an insane work ethic that includes running one of the most successful dance music labels around, launching the careers of crossover acts like The Chainsmokers, and even designing clothes. Read more about Steve in this piece by Spin Read more
  5. Dimitri From Paris Remembers Hugh Hefner – The founder of Playboy Magazine and owner of male hedonist paradise The Playboy Mansion passed away recently. In this article by Mixmag, house DJ Dimitri From Paris looks back on the time that he worked with Hugh Hefner to create the “A Night At The Playboy Mansion” compilation album, which would go on to become a globally successful mix CD series Read more

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