Friday Five: “I Don’t Need To Use Headphones” – Zedd

Joey Santos
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Last updated 17 November, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, we lead with a piece from Forbes that shines a light on Zedd, who is currently in its “30 Under 30” list of superstar money makers, and he chats about his unconventional approach to DJing. We’ve also got articles from Digital Music News, the LANDR Blog, TechCrunch and DJ Worx. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. Zedd: DJ’s “Anti-DJ” – Forbes gets in deep with the EDM maestro to get his thoughts on playing in front of thousands of people and his “DJing” style – he thinks headphones are unnecessary if you’ve prepared well, for instance Read more
  2. The Dos And Don’ts Of Working For Free – When is it alright to spin for free, and where should you draw the line? This article by the LANDR Blog takes a look at different scenarios Read more
  3. This Service Wants To Make Labels Obsolete – Google’s parent company Alphabet has just given a shedload of cash to UnitedMasters, an online music marketing startup that wants to revolutionise online song distribution and fanbase building. TechCrunch has it Read more
  4. What Are Your DJ Regrets? – Among all the facepalm-inducing moments (hopefully not too many), do you have any that you truly, deeply regret? Check out this reflection from DJ Worx Read more
  5. Loud Music Makes You Drink More – Science has an answer to why you drink more at a rowdy pub than at the country club (we know you’ve been wondering about that one…). Digital Music News has the scoop Read more

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