Friday Roundup: 9 Must Know All-Girl DJ Collectives

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
Check out these nine awesome DJ collectives killing it, no boys allowed. This and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from the web.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got a piece that features DJ groups with an all-female roster, why automixing apps like Serato Pyro won’t kill DJing (at least not in the foreseeable future), and also a video of some DJs’ favourite pre-gig rituals. They’re all here and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web. Happy weekend!

  1. 9 All-Female DJ Collectives You Need To Know Right Now – Check out these all-female groups killing dancefloors around the world. It’s at The Fader Read more
  2. DJs Reveal Their Festival Pre-Show Rituals – See what these BPM Festival DJs’ do before going onstage to rock a crowd. Thump has it Read more
  3. Do We Really Need WAV Files? – Do high-resolution uncompressed WAV files really have an audible difference from hi-res 320kbps MP3 files, and should you DJ with them? The Ransom Note makes its case Read more
  4. Any DJ’s Worst Nightmare – Watch this viral video making rounds on Facebook about someone pestering the DJ for hip-hop despite it being a house night. Traxsource has it Read more
  5. Serato Pyro Is Not The End Of DJing – DJ Worx tells us why apps that mix and create playlists automatically aren’t a threat to DJing at all Read more
  6. Beatport Suffers US$5.5 Million Loss – Beatport’s parent company SFX Entertainment has gone bust, and it’s only now that we’re seeing actual figures surface. Check the piece at Resident Advisor Read more
  7. The 90s DAW That Launched A Thousand Clips – Check out the spiritual predecessor and inspiration of Ableton Live, arguably one of the most used DAWs in dance music today. Magnetic Magazine has it Read more
  8. How To Buy A Turntable – 2016 DMC World Champion DJ Vekked shows you how to buy some decks. DJ Techtools has it Read more

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