Friday Roundup: Can Celebrities Ever Be #RealDJs, Asks A-Trak?

Joey Santos
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Last updated 24 November, 2014

A-Trak On Celebrities
A-Trak dishes on celebrity DJs in this week’s Friday Roundup, along with some articles on growing your Instagram following, a rundown of the best Ableton Live controllers right now, and so much more.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve found for you an interview with A-Trak where he waxes zen on the need for balance in the DJ world, an article on how to grow your Instagram followers, and a collection of some of the most inane DJ requests we’ve come across. They’re all here in our weekly muster of news and tidbits from around the DJ web. Have a safe weekend!

  1. A-Trak On Celebrity DJs – A-Trak shares his thoughts and his “live and let live” philosophy when it comes to DJ celebrities. Dancing Astronaut has the interview Watch it
  2. Are You Still Angry With Paris Hilton? – Same theme: Whose fault is it really that Paris Hilton gets to DJ for millions of dollars? Here’s a piece on why you shouldn’t “hate the player”, and instead “hate the game”, from DJ Worx Read more
  3. Wearable Tech May Finally Give DJs Legitimate Reason To Put Their Hands Up – Ever felt like today’s DJs do nothing but throw their hands in the air? Thanks to a new device, they may now have a good reason (or excuse) to, according to Mixmag (oh, and if this all making you sigh, try the Wunderground take) Read more
  4. Pioneer’s PLX-1000 Turntable Reviewed – DJ Techtools takes Pioneer’s turntable offering for a spin. Is it as good as a trusty Technics 1200? Read on to find out Read more
  5. Grow Your Instagram Following – Here are some tips to get you started attracting more likes and followers on Instagram to promote your DJing. DIY Musician has it Read more
  6. The Best Ableton Live Controllers Available Right Now – MusicRadar has rounded up nine of the most popular Midi controllers for Ableton Live Read more
  7. This Guy Has Been Collecting All Your Embarrassing DJ Requests – The headline says it all, and the best ones are on display in this piece from THUMP Read more
  8. 11 Things You Shouldn’t Do At A Festival – Some basic EDM etiquette. We all know we need more than 11, but hey, it’s a start! NoisePorn has the list Read more

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