Friday Roundup: Ripping From YouTube May Soon Get Harder

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 27 March, 2018

YouTube thief
DJs and other people who treat YouTube as a free music store by using illegal download services may be about to get a rude awakening, according to a story today.

The days of dodgy sounding YouTube rips being played indiscriminately by DJs who know no better may be numbered, according to one of the stories below – good news, we say. Read this article and more in this week’s Friday Roundup, our weekly trawl around DJing and music websites to uncover the stories that matter…

  1. Ripping Audio From YouTube Videos May Soon Become A Think Of the Past – Stoney Roads reports on the record labels getting tough on at least one YouTube download site, Is this the beginning of the end for the pirates? Read more
  2. Make Sure You’ve Got Everything Covered – Are you insured? Might sound bland, but DJ insurance might just save your bacon one day… via DJ mag Read more
  3. Anyone Can Learn To DJ, But The Art Form Isn’t Dead – Interesting rebuttal of the article in The Economist last month that argued DJing is dead on its feet, from DJTechTools Read more
  4. 31 Unofficial Daft Punk Remixes That Are Actually Good – Everyone likes Daft Punk, right? Here’s a set of interesting remixes of some of their biggest tunes, via EDM Sauce Read more
  5. Traktor Pro 2.11 Public Beta: Ableton Link, Remix Deck Step Sequencer – It’s been a long time coming, but here’s a major Traktor update, including a Midi-mappable step sequencer and Ableton Link. DJTechTools has the story Read more
  6. 10 Choice Studio Monitors – Dubspot rounds up a whole host of speakers that’d work well in any DJ/producer’s studio Read more
  7. Spotify Reportedly In Talks To Acquire SoundCloud – If it happens, it could become easier to get your own productions into millions more living rooms. DJ Mag reports Read more
  8. An Anonymous DJ On Depression – Absorbing and at times uncomfortable read about the realities of DJing, touring, and mental health, from XLR8R Read more

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