Friday Roundup: The DJ Is Dead. Long Live The DJ…

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 4 August, 2017

Friday Roundup
The DJ wasn’t always the main attraction. How has the DJ’s role changed, and why? We’ve got a piece on that, along with others we’ve culled for your weekend reading.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we lead with an article from trance superstar John 00 Fleming on how today’s DJ culture has veered hugely away from what the DJ’s original role was. We’ve also got a look at a DJ class that was shut down by the police because it turned into a full-on rave (true story), and highlight new gear from V-Moda and Roli. These and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news.

  1. The Forgotten Role Of The DJ – DJing was all about finding music and sharing it with others. John 00 Fleming muses about how changes in the business of electronic music also caused a shift in how DJing works today. It’s over at Trance News Read more
  2. How Hard Work & Humility Put DJ Khaled On Top – Multi-millionaire and platinum-certified artist DJ Khaled is the most popular person on Snapchat right now, but it took him years of hustling to get to where he’s at. Get inspired by his story over at Billboard Read more
  3. Police Shuts School “Rave” – An evening class on how to DJ ballooned into an all-out party that had to be shut down by the cops. The Nottingham Post has it Read more
  4. Watch How UK Garage Started – Thump’s new “The Art Of The Party” series kicks off with how UK Garage was born Watch it
  5. Is Club Photography Necessary? – You’ve seen it: audience members taking snaps, blocking views with their smartphones and (the horror!) iPads. Do we really need photos to remember a party, or is it better to “stay in the moment” and relish it? Mixmag explores Read more
  6. V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker Review – Future Music checks out this portable speaker from V-Moda that’s also got a headphone amplifier onboard Read more
  7. Roli Unveils Two-Octave Keyboard – A scaled down version of Roli’s forward-thinking Seaboard piano controller has just been released. Create Digital Music has it Read more
  8. Arturia’s AudioFuse Sneak Peek – This two-channel audio interface from Arturia is imminent, and Create Digital Music has had a first look Read more
  9. 40 Years Of Hip-Hop Mashed Up – Check out this insane mashup that offers a four-minute retrospective on hip-hop, from Afrika Bambaataa to Kendrick Lamar and everyone in between. It’s over at Ambrosia For Heads Read more

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