GigBar Joins Spate Of Designer DJ Booths

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Last updated 6 November, 2017


German company Glorious has come up with GigBar, a stylish piece that blends traditional function with modern form.

Recently, new designer DJ booths have been bringing a splash of style to what can sometimes be very boring piece of kit. (Wallpapering table, anyone? Ironing board? Hands up now…) We recently reviewed the portable LiteConsole booth that sets up and tears down in minutes. Last week, German furniture designer Glorious weighed in with the release of its GigBar console, a high-quality booth built more for DJs who don’t need to move their kit around so often.

Though built for a traditional “two turntables and a mixer” set-up, you can easily fit in a large DJ controller such as the DDJ-SZ on this desk.

While built for two turntables and a mixer, the booth has enough space for even the largest of DJ controllers, measuring at 43″x 39″x 19″. You can fit a Pioneer DDJ-SZ on it and have enough space for a laptop stand and some small accessories. The front features an acrylic plate, that can be upgraded with an optional LED kit for more colour.

As nice as it would be to take this to your next party, it’s a heavy desk, weighing in at 32kg with no disassembly option.

Although the GigBar would make for an eye-catching DJ booth at your next show, it’s not entirely portable. Weighing in at 32kg, this is a centrepiece that would be more at home in your music room or entertainment area.

We don’t have a price for this at the moment, but we’re willing to wager it’s going to cost more than an IKEA Expedit bookshelf which, until discontinued, made for an inexpensive and customisable DJ console. (Check out our forum thread for more on this.)

• GigBar is available through the Glorious website.

What does your home setup look like? Does your equipment sit on a purpose-built DJ booth, or does your controller live in your gig bag, ready to go at a moment’s notice? Let us know in the comments!

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