How I DJ With Stems Part 3: Fleshing Out The Stem Loop Map

Joey Santos
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Last updated 10 April, 2018

How I DJ Part 3
In this tutorial we’ll flesh out your Stem Loop Map using loops and samples to create your first Stem Loop production.

In part one of our How I DJ With Stems series I introduced you to my Stem Loop concept, which is a short production that you can put together quickly and perform live in during your DJ sets. In part two we created your Stem Loop Map, which will serve as a blueprint for all your Stem Loops.

In today’s training we’re going to put together your first Stem Loop production. I created some loops for you that you can turn into a Stem Loop track, and in this tutorial you’re going to download those sounds and I’m going to walk you through recreating that track.

In case you want to hear what it sounds like, here it is:

Again, it’s pretty short as far as house music productions go, but that’s because in the next video I’ll show you how to perform the track within Traktor Pro 2 by looping chunks of it.

When you’re done with this training series, you can make your own Stem Loop tracks in Ableton Live using your own loop and sample packs that you’ve purchased online through sites like Beatport Sounds or Loopmasters.

First off, download the Stem Loop Pack here, which you’ll need to unzip in your Desktop (the tutorial video at the bottom will show you how). Next, you’ll need to download and install the Stem Creator from the Stems website.

Check out the tutorial video below and follow along as I fill in the empty Stem Loop Map that we made in part two of this training series.

Tutorial Video

Have you tried DJing with Stems? Have you tried making a Stem Loop yet? Are DJ/producer techniques like this something you’re interested in? Let us know below.

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