Kickstarter: Magzet Lets You Plug In Your Headphones In A Snap!

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

Magzet adds a magnetic connection between your headphone jack and audio source, letting you “snap” your jack into the headphone output of your DJ mixer or other audio device.

Curious Kickstarter Magzet adds a magnetic connection between your headphone jack and audio device, aiming for hot-swap convenience, gear use safety, and longer plug life. The Magzet consists of two parts; the MagKap, which is what you connect to the end of your headphone plug, and the MagJack, which is what you connect to your DJ mixer’s headphone outputs, mobile phone, tablet, or any sound source with a headphone socket. The result is a magnetic connection between your headphones and your device that’s similar to Apple’s MagSafe adapter technology: Your headphone plug snaps onto the MagJack, and snaps off when you pull it.

We think it’s an interesting idea to bring the convenience of plug magnetics to DJ gear, especially if your DJ headphones get used for other stuff like listening on your iPhone or your laptop. Magzet protects your headphone jack by replacing that plug connection with a magnetic snap, which may greatly extends the life of your jack (plugging and unplugging causes gradual wear and tear). This also prevents your gear from being pulled around accidentally because the magnet is designed to snap off when tugged.

Check out the promo video below, and check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Promo video

What do you think about this product, is it a step closer to changing the way we plug our headphones? Do you think future audio connections will be built on this principle? Tell us what you think below.

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