Mixcloud Adds Tipping To Mixcloud Live

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 17 November, 2021

DJs who use Mixcloud Live to livestream their sets can now add a tipping feature, to collect tips as they’re playing, much in the same way as can be done on Twitch. Mixcloud has made a video that shows how to set it up, which you can watch here.

DJs get 80% of any tips sent their way during a livestream, and 20% goes toward Mixcloud fees.

While it is still a challenge for many to build an audience on Mixcloud Live, the service does remain one of the very few places where legal DJ livestreaming is possible. And with tipping now available in addition to fan subscriptions, and with creators able to keep 80% of their tips, it gives another potentially lucrative option for stream monetisation.

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This is just the latest addition to the feature set of Mixcloud Live (we only recently reported on the addition of video previews of livestreams for Facebook and Twitch), and makes it a more attractive platform, especially for DJs with established audiences on Mixcloud, or whom they can attempt to bring with them to Mixcloud Live from other platforms.

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