Musikmesse 2013: Serato DJ Arrives For Vestax VCI-380

Last updated 14 November, 2017


Vestax VCI-380 with Serato DJ
The Vestax VCI-380 with Serato DJ running: This upgrade from ITCH will be available imminently.

The Vestax VCI-380 is on show here at Musikmesse 2013 running Serato DJ, the successor to the Serato ITCH software that it has previously been supplied with. No doubt an official press release and confirmation of availability are coming from Serato, but we’ve seen it, it works, and so today we can confirm that the wait is definitely over for all you patient VCI-380 users.

We spoke about the new mapping with Mike from Vestax, and he is particularly happy with the addition of the slip mode. We also had the chance to have a quick play ourselves as well, and we liked the way the effects have been mapped to work with the Vestax VCI-380’s pads, the ping pong delay being particularly fun. Another advantage of switching to Serato DJ is that now you’ll be able to add external DJ controllers as well, so for instance you could have a pad controller (Vestax’s own Pad-One, for instance) to give you extra control over something like the SP-6 sample player.

The update is imminent, and will be free to all Vestax VCI-380 owners as a download from the Serato website.

• All the Vestax news from Musikmesse is in this video.

Are you a Vestax VCI-380 owner who’s been waiting for this day? Does this upgrade make you more likely to head out and buy the VCI-380? and what do you think of the new colours (we’ve shown the red, but there’s a while one too). Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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