[NAMM 2015] Numark Mixtrack & Mixtrack Pro 3

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 28 March, 2018

Mixtrack Pro 3
The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 has had a radical new design and gets a host of new features tool, like metal jogwheels, touchstrips and filter knobs per channel.

Numark has announced at NAMM 2015 the Mixtrack Pro 3 and Mixtrack 3 DJ controllers, the latest iterations in its popular budget range, with and without built-in audio interfaces respectively, and sporting radical new designs over the previous models.

Now looking curiously similar to the (apparently ill-fated) Behringer CMD 4A unit, the two new two-channel Mixtracks actually have some solid advantages over the Mixtrack / Pro 2: they have a touchstrip for easy track search and FX control; per-channel filters; 100mm pitch faders (not sure if they’re hi-res though); metal transport buttons and apparently more capable pad functions as well as a return to chunkier, more usable jogwheels.

The Mixtrack 3 doesn’t have any of the audio circuitry being a purely Midi controller, but apart from that (and the colour) it is identical.

There’s still no per-channel metering, but there’s no channel gains either (the controllers use software autogain) so not a great deal of need for one without the other. Software-wise, the Mixtrack Pro 3 with its built in audio interface is supplied with Serato DJ Intro, while the Mixtrack 3 comes with Virtual DJ 8. Apart from the lack of headphones, mic and RCA sockets, the only physical difference apart from the logo between the two models is that the Mixtrack 3 is grey, where the Mixtrack Pro 3 is black.

Why the Mixtrack 3 at all?

I’m not really sure why they’re still bothering to make the controller-only version, but presumably there must be somewhere in the world that still buys controllers without audio interfaces built in. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t own a separate audio interface already, though, we’d definitely recommend you forget the cheaper model and go straight for the Mixtrack Pro 3.

• The Mixtrack 3 will cost $199 and the Mixtrack Pro 3 will cost £299, shipping soon (no confirmed shipping date as yet). Check out our talkthrough video.

Do you like the look of these new update? Do you think they represent good value for money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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