7 Things You Need To Know About The Numark Mixstream Pro Go

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 3 mins
Last updated 9 May, 2023

Numark’s new Mixstream Pro Go is a groundbreaking DJ controller – 100% standalone with everything you need to DJ anywhere, making it the first unit of its type ever made. It has successfully reduced DJing to a single box – just add headphones and a microphone if you wish, and you’re good to go.

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If you’re thinking of buying this unit, here are seven things about it that should help you decide, based upon the few weeks we’ve spent testing it and producing our “full” written and video reviews of the unit, which you can find here, by the way.

7 Things To Know About The Numark Mixstream Pro Go

  1. The built-in battery is the game-changer – This unit has a built in battery to add to its built-in speakers, DJ software, and WiFi for streaming music into it. All of these features are cool, and all have been seen in previous DJ controllers, but when you add in the battery, they become more than the sum of their parts. A truly standalone all-in-one is a truly awesome thing to behold
  2. The inclusion of Amazon Music is really smart – Most DJ systems offer you a few streaming services nowadays, so you’d expect TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource and SoundCloud. But Engine DJ – the software that powers the Mixstream Pro Go – additionally offers you Amazon’s music service, at least in this unit and a couple more. In the spirit of trying to make DJing accessible to as many people as possible (which is clearly an aim of this unit), this is a genius move, as so many people have an Amazon account already, after all…
  3. Despite the brand, this looks and feels “pro” – Numark is a consumer brand, but this console feels more or less “pro”, being nice and weighty, and well built even though it is made of plastic (somehow the grey paint job suits it better than the darker colours of the Mixstream Pro+)
  4. …just bear in mind that it isn’t really “pro” – No Aux input, short pitch controls, limited FX, only four performance pads, cramped screen… on a consumer device, none of these things matter at all, but you’d probably miss them if you were used to using true “pro” gear
  5. All that said, we can see some pros using it nonetheless! – Maybe as a second DJ unit, a backup, a home unit, or for smaller gigs, we can see some pro DJs having one of these knocking around. Numark obviously agrees, because they’ve put balanced XLR outputs on it, and not only dual USBs for music input, but an SD card slot too
  6. The built-in software ROCKS – Engine DJ (the platform that powers this and also the more professional Denon DJ range of units) is a true marvel of a platform, with a built-in sampler, key matching/mixing (soon-to-be Fuzzy Keymixing, hallelujah for that), even control for both consumer smart lights and pro DMX lights, to list just a few features. It’s a breathtaking embedded DJ platform
  7. …but you can still use DJ software if you like – VirtualDJ’s implementation for this is particularly fine, making full use of the touchscreen, but also it works with Serato, and both of those platforms will give you real-time stems separation, for instance. Having the choice of standalone or laptop DJing makes it an even more universal device
Adding a light show to your DJ set? This unit offers simple control over whatever you’ve got – whether it’s using smart home lighting systems like Nanoleaf and Philips Hue, or going full DMX via SoundSwitch.


The main thing to know here is that the Numark Mixstream Pro Go majors in price and on accessibility. It’s the kind of DJ controller that – while not cheap – is way less than other equivalents. Once you own one, you can use it wherever you want, for whatever you want, however you want. Not only you, but your family, friends, kids – anyone who wants to DJ will find a way to do it on this without faff or hassle, in a way never before seen in a single DJ unit.

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Really, all they’ve done is add a battery to the Mixstream Go Pro+. Yet somehow, in doing so, they’ve hit a point in the evolution of modern DJ gear that seems pretty special to us. No DJ unit can be everything to everyone – but we think the Mixstream Pro Go will get pretty close for many folk.

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