New djay Pro AI v4 – Phone DVS, Stems Control Vinyl & More!

Last updated 3 August, 2023

Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI software has just had a huge update for Mac, iOS and macOS. Pretty much everything about the look and feel of the software has been tweaked, and there are some headline new features too – including an insane implementation of DVS that means not only can you DJ with DVS in a club direct from your phone, but you can do so with stems using Algoriddim’s new control vinyl.

See the new DVS feature in action

Check out this recording of our live show where I demo the DVS feature using Algoriddim’s brand-new control vinyl and showing off how you can instantly DJ with acapellas and instrumentals.

What this update is about

Algoriddim tells us v4 is part of a push to move the software away from a touchscreen-first app to one that you are meant to use with hardware.

Much in the same way that many DJs expect to be able to walk up to DJ gear and plug in a USB drive and just start DJing, Algoriddim envisages DJs walking up to club gear and plugging their phone, iPad or laptop in to the mixer and simply getting started in the same way, whatever the gear.

The software now readjusts itself depending upon what hardware you have plugged in (for instance, to hide the on-screen mixer), as part of a drive to make it a natural partner for DJ hardware.

It is worth noting that these changes are simultaneous across all three Apple platforms, and at the same time worth saying that Algoriddim really does seem to focus nowadays on Apple first, even though it has legacy Windows and Android apps.

OK, so let’s list our favourite among the changes (there’s a full list over on the Algoriddim website):

5 Big Changes To djay Pro AI

  1. It now has DVS – Not only can you plug and play with any DVS system and any timecode vinyl (even using your phone), but Algoriddim has launched its own timecode DVS that has Neural Mix options, whereby just by dropping the needle onto a certain part of the B-side of the DVS vinyl you can play the whole track, the instrumental or the acapella, in real time, and all from one music file
  2. It has better timestretching and pitch shifting, plus “Pitch Cue” – This is Algoriddim’s name for the feature whereby you can “play” a chosen cue point across the performance pads, moving the pitch up and down. Their implementation comes with various scales – so if you want to use a blues scale, for instance, you can
  3. It has a raft of new effects – Again, the audio quality has been upped, but also there are new effects that really do have to be heard, as many of them use Neural Mix to affect different elements of songs differently. We heard enough in testing to strongly recommend you have a listen for yourself
  4. They’ve introduced some innovative library features – A new detail panel for the selected track is where you get waveform and other info, including an excellent new idea, “related tracks”, where you can cluster together tracks that work with your selected tracks. It’s an intuitive new take on mini playlists, and we love it. Add in colour tagging of tracks, and it adds up to a big overhaul
  5. You can now edit streaming playlists within the app – There’s now no need to go into TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource or Soundcloud Go+ to create, delete and edit playlists and tracks within them, because it can all be done from within the djay app. This is on top of the existing ability to make playlists and smart playlists that can include any mix of tracks from your own library and any subscribed streaming services

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First Thoughts

This isn’t our review – we haven’t had time to produce that yet. These are our first, off the cuff thoughts having had a talkthrough by Algoriddim and a little play ourselves.

For beginner DJs, and DJs invested in the Apple ecosystem, djay Pro AI has always had appeal. With these changes, it may well appeal more to intermediate and pro DJs, because that is whom a lot of these changes seem to be aimed at, making the app more universal than ever, with something for all types of DJ, whatever type of music they play or level they’re at.

We love the Related Tracks feature on the new track detail view, which solves a real DJ problem – it’s a wonder nobody has done this before.

djay Pro AI is feeling more like an embedded system, because plugging a phone into DJ hardware to DJ from is a lot less involved than using a laptop, but you can still use your laptop if you like, and for prep etc. Best of both worlds, and definitely a big leap forward for the software.

djay Pro AI costs $50/year on subscription, and the one sub buys you use across Mac, iOS and iPadOS. It works out at under $5 a month – so however much you hate subscriptions, it is by a long way the cheapest among major DJ software. More info from their website.

Promo Video

Watch our tutor DJ ANGELO putting the new tech and control vinyl through its paces:

By the way, if you like what you see and what to know how DJ Angelo does this, check out our exclusive DJ Angelo’s Tricks & Transitions course. It’s your chance to learn from Angelo himself.

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