Now Virtual DJ Streams Spotify & Deezer, Too…

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 23 March, 2018

Virtual DJ Deezer Spotify
Virtual DJ, showing integration of both the Spotify and Deezer services right in the software.

Just a few days ago we announced that Virtual DJ has Pulselocker integration. It turns out that the company has been working on a lot more than that: although Atomix hasn’t announced it yet, both Spotify and Deezer now work with Virtual DJ, too.

Virtual DJ Deezer
Logging on to Deezer from within Virtual DJ.

While both are – we are told – still in development and being tested and improved, we can confirm that the services are indeed both presently functional within Virtual DJ 8 (when the software is set in preferences to “early”), meaning any Virtual DJ users with either a Spotify or a Deezer paid-for subscription can play music from those services within the program.

This, from the Virtual DJ forum:

“Spotify (and also Deezer) has recently been included as a content provider, so you can play Spotify content from within Virtual DJ
but you need to upgrade to the pro version to use it.

“You should also remember that Spotify isn’t licensed for playing in public, and since it’s your private Spotify account that is used to get the content, these rules still apply even when you play Spotify content using Virtual DJ. In this case Virtual DJ is just an alternative player”

Virtual DJ leading the way with streaming…

Taken alongside Pulselocker and its own white-labelled ContentUnlimited streaming service, that means Virtual DJ has unrivalled streaming music support, with the four services it supports covering everything from audio to video and even karaoke files.

But of course, whether or not you can or can’t use them legally is a huge grey area that the industry really does need to sort out at some point.

Are you using Spotify or Deezer from within Virtual DJ? How are you finding it? Let us know your thoughts below…

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