Over To You: Why Is Music More Expensive In Europe?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017

Why do euro prices seem to be the same as dollar prices, even though a euro is worth more than a dollar?
Why do euro prices seem to be the same as dollar prices, even though a euro is worth more than a dollar?

Digital DJ Tips reader Denis writes “There is something I am angry about with buying music on Beatport. I bought loads of tracks when I was travelling out of Europe, and I was paying US$1.49 for the cheapest tracks, US$1.99 for the new ones and US$2.49 for the exclusive/most expensive ones. Here in Germany though, I am charged €1.49, €1.99 and €2.49€ for the same tracks – about 40% more! I have also read that the same is happening to UK customers.”

“What you would recommend me to do? Are there sites that price more fairly? As I am into progressive/electro house, sometimes deep house and minimal, Beatport was the one and only site I was buying from. I really don’t want to lose this new and already big part of my life as I love music and I want to keep on going. But we Europeans always draw the shortest straw, don’t we…”

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s true all prices seem to be lower in US dollars than in euros or pounds, for most things. (Not just music – look at the price of DJ gear, clothes etc.) I agree with you that any distribution arguments on paper at least seem to break down when you’re talking about digital files, although maybe taxes, fees etc alter the prices from country to country.

The “business” side of my thinking tells me that companies will always charge what they can get away with to maximise their profits though, so maybe us Europeans are just prepared to pay more. As far as alternatives go, it’s always worth checking iTunes and Amazon – you’d be surprised what they have nowadays. But I’d also like to ask our always-wise readers to chip in and help you out on this one.

So, over to you. Are you a European music buyer who feels ripped off by pricing compared to other territories? Is there a music store online that you think prices more fairly? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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