Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-FLX10 Controller With Stems & Lighting Control

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 27 March, 2023

Pioneer DJ has today launched the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 (click here for our full DDJ-FLX10 review and video), a brand-new four-channel DJ controller for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, featuring real-time stems control for live mashups, and – in a surprise addition – direct control for DJ lighting, via a built-in DMX socket.

Bye bye DDJ-1000, hello DDJ-FLX10

The DDJ-FLX10 is a direct replacement for both the DDJ-1000 (Rekordbox controller) and DDJ-1000SRT (Serato controller), working with both platforms, although for all features – including the new Mix Point Link mix automation feature – it is best used with Rekordbox.

Looks-wise, the DDJ-FLX10 borrows heavily from the DDJ-1000 controllers that it replaces, although it has improved jogwheel displays and new controls for features such as stems and Mix Point Link.

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It borrows its look and feel heavily from the two DDJ-1000 controllers that it replaces, with similar full-sized jogwheels, although the displays from those have been improved to show more information, and the jogs now have multi-coloured rings. Pioneer DJ tells us that the new model also features improved audio, including better phono preamps for external turntable use – a bugbear with the previous controllers.

Like the previous units, it is a four-channel software controller, but also a four-channel mixer, capable of working with media players, turntables and external microphones.

Built-in lighting control and stems features

A big surprise is the lighting feature with a built-in DMX socket, allowing mobile DJs to connect directly to their DJ lights and control them via the lighting features in Rekordbox software, without the need for a separate DMX box – a first for any DJ controller.

The rear of the DDJ-FLX10. Notice the DMX socket – a first for any DJ controller.

The launch of this unit also heralds the much-anticipated arrival of real-time stems DJing inside Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox platform, with its software joining Serato, VirtualDJ and djay Pro AI in adding this feature.

Stems allows users to split any playing track into vocals, music and so on, in real time, for creative DJing on the fly, with no need for prep – although in Rekordbox, there are only three stems available (drums, music and vocals) as opposed to four in the other platforms (drums, melody, bass and vocals).

Simple buttons allow instant stems isolation, although there are more complex hardware features for further stems manipulation too.

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The FLX10 brings innovative stems control features, allowing the DJ to apply the built-in hardware effects to individual stems, and also to split the stems “instant doubles” style, across more than one deck for separate EQing, scratching, looping and so on. It is also possible to use the EQs to control individual stems on a playing track.

• The FLX10 costs €1649/£1469/$1599, and is available now. More details on Pioneer DJ’s website.

See it in action

Check out this short demo performance showing all of the key new features in action.

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