Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-SR2 Serato DJ Controller, Adds Pitch Play & DVS

Joey Santos
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Last updated 23 March, 2018

Pioneer DJ just announced the DDJ-SR2 controller for Serato DJ. It’s the first update to the original DDJ-SR two-channel DJ controller which was released back in 2013, and it adds controls for Serato DJ’s Pitch Play feature, needle search strips, full-colour performance pads, booth outputs, and switchable phono / line inputs for hooking up turntables or DJ media players. It still retains most of the functionality of the original DDJ-SR, including four-deck control, three-band EQs and filter per channel, along with the usual FX, loop, and transport controls.

The DDJ-SR2 is also Serato DVS Upgrade Ready, meaning you can use it to spin with timecode vinyl if you purchase the Serato DVS add-on from the Serato DJ store (US$99).

The first DDJ-SR is one of our favourite Serato DJ controllers. When Pioneer DJ came out with the DDJ-RR a few years back (basically a Rekordbox DJ version), it fell short of the solid build quality and feel of the DDJ-SR. If the DDJ-SR2 improves on the original, Pioneer DJ will have a new, potentially great mid-tier Serato DJ offering in its ever-growing line-up.

Check out the photo gallery and promo video below.

Photo Gallery

Promo Video

• The DDJ-SR2 will be available for US$699 from September 2017. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

What do you think of this controller? Are you a DDJ-SR owner, and would you want to upgrade to it? Share your thoughts below.

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