Pioneer’s Flagship DDJ-SZ Controller Now Ships With Virtual DJ 8 Pro

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 6 April, 2018

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It’s in the box! All buyers of the DDJ-SZ get a card with a serial that they can use to activate a full pro version of Virtual DJ 8 downloaded from the Virtual DJ or Pioneer websites.

In what should definitely be seen as a coup for the software’s makers, Virtual DJ 8 Pro now ships (alongside Serato DJ) right there in the box with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, the company’s flagship DJ controller.

Virtual DJ 8 Pro – which has been rewritten by Atomix for this version and which boasts a hugely improved DVS engine among other new features – is downloadable by all users who buy unit from mid-December 2014 onwards from Pioneer’s and Virtual DJ’s websites, and can be activated using a serial provided on a special card in the unit’s box; a fact that was actually exclusively revealed in our 2015 DJ Controller & Software Buyer’s Guide two weeks ago.

While Serato only works with a limited number of licensed controllers and Traktor is only at its best with NI-manufactured devices (it’s all about the jogs…), Virtual DJ has always made a point of emphasising the huge range of controllers it works with. But having the software “officially” boxed with such a prestigious controller is a definite seal of approval from Pioneer, which is of course one of if not the biggest hardware brand in the business.

• Got a DDJ-SZ but bought before this offer? It appears you’re in luck: This page on Pioneer’s website tells you how to get the software.

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Is this the seal of approval Virtual DJ 8 needed? Are you a Virtual DJ user pleased to see this development? Maybe you’re a DDJ-SZ user keen to give it a go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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