Reloop Buddy Is A Cute New Controller For Algoriddim’s djay Software

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 9 January, 2022


Reloop has announced the Reloop Buddy, a two-channel compact DJ controller, designed to work specifically with Algoriddim’s djay on iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows.

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It is notably small, but packs a surprising number of features: There are full RGB pads controlling hot cue, auto loop, touch FX, sampler, slicer, bounce loop, and Algoriddim’s stem looper; dedicated loop controls; FX control paddles; and a two-band EQ and filter section that can be switched to control the “Neural Mix” stems function.

Reloop Buddy
While it is undeniably compact, the unit still has two reasonably sized jogwheels, a big library search knob, a full performance pad section (albeit with a single, cycling mode selector button) and nice large paddles for FX control.

Algoriddim’s Neural Mix feature inside djay Pro AI allows you to mute, solo and remix the drums, harmonics and vocals in songs in real time, and this is the first controller with dedicated, properly labelled controls to do this.

Audio-wise, the Reloop Buddy has a built-in USB audio interface. It is designed to work with all versions of djay Pro across smartphones, tablets and computers – but it will work best with modern iPads: That’s where you’ll currently find the most powerful version of djay Pro AI.

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As if to underline that fact, the unit features a built-in stand for tablets, in the form of a slot at the back that automatically angles your tablet (up to 12.9″) towards you when inserted.

To save space, the cue volume, cue mix, master volume, and inputs/outputs are all on the side of the unit.

Reloop Buddy has a single 2 x RCA master output and an 1/8″ headphones output. Both are on the side of the unit. No mic or aux inputs, though, which at the price you’d expect to see at least one of.

• Reloop Buddy costs £199 / $279 / €219, and is available from the end of December 2020.

First thoughts

You’ll be able to easily mix with just this and your iPad on the go, especially as djay Pro AI gives you access to TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport Link and Beatsource Link, allowing you to play with millions of tunes anywhere you can find an internet connection.

Clearly showing its compact size, here we see the unit with Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI running on a Mac.

While it’s clearly aimed at the entry-level DJ, this kind of controller often finds favour as a “second” or back-up controller with all types of DJ – and as Algoriddim’s djay software has itself always been many DJs’ favourite “second DJ app”, we think the Reloop Buddy should do well (even if it is priced too highly to be an impulse buy).

• More info on the Reloop website.

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