Save Your SoundCloud Mixtapes While You Still Can!

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

SoundCloud Import
Mixcloud has announced its new SoundCloud Import feature, which lets you copy your SoundCloud mixes directly to your Mixcloud profile.

Mixcloud just released a new feature called SoundCloud Import that lets you copy your SoundCloud mixes directly to your Mixcloud profile. Currently in its beta stage, you’ll need to connect your Mixcloud profile to your SoundCloud account first, after which your mixes are listed and you can choose which ones you’d like to import over to Mixcloud. This is the most convenient option we’ve seen yet to insure yourself against your mixes disappearing completely online should SoundCloud summarily remove them fro your account as has happened to so many.

(Keep in mind that Mixcloud is a service that hosts mixtapes and radio shows, not individual songs.)

What’s the issue with SoundCloud?

SoundCloud continues to be criticised for its increasingly aggressive takedown policy and we’ve long advised against DJs using it for mixes, with users reporting mixtapes disappearing along with remixes and edits. This comes after the company continues to seek monetisation options for its users, and also following agreements with Warner and Universal Music Group, two of the three remaining major labels in the world today.

• SoundCloud Import is currently in beta. Check it out at the Mixcloud website.

Have you had any mixes on SoundCloud taken down? Are you going to set up a Mixcloud account now that the service is offering this transfer option? Let us know your thoughts below.

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