Save the Vinyl #3: The Clock

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 2 December, 2017

Re-Vinyl Clock
Laser-etched and unique, these clocks put unwanted old vinyl to good use.

In our continuing quest to keep the vinyl 12″ from disappearing into the history books now digital DJing is replacing it, we report on and encourage novel new uses for records, wherever in the world we find them. This time, the intriguing Trend Hunter website brings us news of these rather fantastic vinyl clocks.

They’re laser-cut by designer Pavel Sidorenko, whose designs (which he calls “Re-Vinyl Clocks”) take the form of everything from animals to kitchenware.

So (adopts A-Team voice): If you’ve got a problem (loads of useless old vinyl taking up space in a cupboard or spare room), and if you can find him (I don’t know where he lives, looks Russian to me…) maybe you can hire Pavel to recycle your vinyl!

Oh actually, there’s an easier way – Google. We just found the designer’s online shop. You could even see if he’ll buy your old vinyl from you. Feel free to tell him we sent you…

Have you come across any new uses for old vinyl? Let us know!

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