Save the Vinyl #7: Butterfly Art

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 1 December, 2017

Vinyl butterflies
Photo: Paul Villinski

With Technics turntables discontinued, Serato timecode vinyl increasingly being spun instead of the real thing (in clubs that even still have turntables), and the “iTunes generation” of DJs coming through who’ve never played a real record in their DJing lives, there’s an awful lot of surplus vinyl out there. Every month, we look at the inventive uses some people are putting old vinyl to. This month, we’re highlighting the work of artist Paul Villinksi, whose butterfly wall art preserves unwanted old records in spectacular style.

“While it might seem unthinkable now, there was once a time when every household had a collection of whopping 12-inch vinyl discs. With the advent of new technology and higher-quality audio, that archive is now little more than landfill for anyone but vinyl diehards,” says Michael Simon over on, highlighting Paul Villinski’s work.

Vinyl butterflies
Photo: Paul Villinski

“Every single one of the dozens of record-built-butterflies is unique, carved into a slightly different shape and from a different record, but each is simultaneously part of the same grander design,” reports Michael.

“Paul Villinski’s amazing installations embody everything that is positive about music, showing flocks of brilliantly colored vinyl butterflies seemingly emerging from old record player turntables.

“As the artist explains, his designs, imbued with the symbolism of the metamorphosing insects, are about making the air visible — and in these cases with the sight of music floating on the breeze.”

Do you know anyone who’s put unwanted vinyl to good use? Let us know!

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