Korg Kaoss DJ Controller Support In Serato 1.2.4

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

Korg Kaoss DJ Serato DJ Intro
Serato has released the latest version of Serato DJ Intro, bringing compatibility to Korg’s brand new Kaoss DJ controller.

Serato has just released the latest version of Serato DJ Intro. Now at 1.2.4, this update brings compatibility with Korg’s brand new Kaoss DJ, a USB controller that was debuted just a month ago at NAMM 2015. It’s a tiny two-channel controller and standalone mixer that comes with a Kaoss Pad built right at the centre, and two touch pads for jogwheels with two touch strips. The Korg Kaoss DJ is also compatible with the full version of Serato DJ.

The Kaoss DJ was a surprise hit at the showroom floor because not many had anticipated a DJ controller from Korg, much less a Serato-compatible one (this is the company’s first Serato device). Pair that with onboard Kaoss Pad functionality, and you’ve got an interesting little box that we see quite a number of pro DJs having as a backup digital device, or even as their main DJ controller when gigging out sans CDJs.

• Serato DJ Intro 1.2.4 is available for download now at the Serato website. The Korg Kaoss DJ is available now for US$299.

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