Spotify Taps AI To Introduce New DJ Feature

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 26 February, 2023

Spotify is rolling out a new feature, which it is simply calling “DJ”.

Spotify DJ doesn’t beatmix playlists for you; it’s not that type of “DJ”. Rather, it selects music for you into a personalised playlist, and adds commentary around the tracks and artists it picks for you, in an AI voice – like a personal, AI-powered radio DJ and station.

Spotify says: “It will sort through the latest music and look back at some of your old favourites – maybe even resurfacing that song you haven’t listened to for years. It will then review what you might enjoy and deliver a stream of songs picked just for you. And what’s more, it constantly refreshes the lineup based on your feedback.”

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Spotify is rolling the feature out to Premium users in the USA and Canada right now, and to use it, see if you have a “DJ” card in your Music Feed. If you do, tap it to begin.

First Thoughts

Right, let me tell you off the bat two things:

  • I hate the idea – Music is about discovery, not reductive algorithms narrowing down what they think you should like. As DJs, we should be removing filters, forging our own style from the big wide world of music, then doing the refining ourselves for our audiences
  • It sounds bloody amazing – Listen to the Spotify DJ in the video promo clip below. Sounds like they’ve done a good job

I cannot ever, and I mean ever, see myself listening to such streams – but that said, I can see it catching on. What do you think? Let us know!

Promo Video

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