Sync Manager Arrives For Engine Software, Flexible Beatgrids Coming…

Last updated 17 January, 2020


People by and large love the new Denon DJ Prime range of gear, from the little Prime Go all the way to the pro set-ups, but one thing thay comes up again and again from users is: Improve your software, Denon DJ!

So, many users will be pleased with the news today that a sync manager is now in public beta, making transferring music, playlists and settings to and from USB drives and SD cards appreciably easier.

And as you’ll see in the video, Denon DJ is promising a more accurate BPM detection system and flexible beatgridding soon, too – a godsend for the large number of DJs who have found these features a real issue with the software to date.

You can access the public beta over on the Denon DJ forum, and the company says the BPM improvements and gridding are coming soon, but haven’t committed to a date on those.

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