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Last updated 5 April, 2015


The Vestax VCI-300, the first “modern” DJ controller I ever owned, and still one of the best. basic systems, albeit long defunct (RIP, Vestax).
In a new series looking back on what was going on here on Digital DJ Tips and in the world of digital DJing five years ago this month, we discover what DJ Magazine thought was the best new tech of the time, get a lesson on why recording your DJ mixes is so important, and I give you my personal opinion of the Vestax VCI-300 DJ controller after a short time owning it…

Five years ago…

Digital DJ Tips was a brand new little blog back then, with absolutely no sign it’d turn into the global business it is today! It was simply set up by me to document my return to controller DJing. I’d been DJing for the previous few years with just a laptop and a sound card having tried and rejected all the DJ controllers of the time, and I’d hated the idea of DVS. (I sure got some raised eyebrows turning up at big clubs with just a laptop, but those few years taught me an immeasurable amount about DJing using software that has helped me teach others ever since!)

Anyway, the Vestax VCI-300 came along and changed all of that, and one of the articles five years ago (and one of the very first articles on the site) was entitled Vestax VCI-300 & Serato ITCH: 3 Months In, containing my early opinion of the hardware and software. Little did I know at the time this would be the first “real” review on Digital DJ Tips!

A couple of the big, big themes that nowadays dominate Digital DJ Tips and our DJ training (there were no training courses back them, just me writing a post a week if I could find the time) also made themselves known in March 2010: the importance of recording your mixes, and my opinion as to why digital DJing beats vinyl. (Five years on, of course, that particular debate still rages on, but I think the mature outlook is that there’s room for both, and for any other format DJs want to use – open-mindedness is the mark of a true professional in this multi-format world.)

Finally, there’s an interesting throwback to the tech of the day, via the DJ Mag Tech Awards. Some names have no surprise (Traktor Pro is named best software, the still legendary Sennheiser HD-25IIs are best headphones), while other tech has sadly fallen completely by the wayside (Stanton SCS.3d, anyone?).

Can I get a rewind?

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What were you doing five years ago in your DJing? Do these bring back any memories for you? Got fond memories of any of this tech? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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