Over To You: Which Traktor EQ Settings Do You Use?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 5 April, 2018

Most apart from the cheapest controllers have EQ knobs and all software has EQ… but Traktor’s is insanely configurable, and realising this was a bit of an epiphany for our reader.

Digital DJ Masterclass owner Night Foundation writes: “Recently I bought the Traktor 2 Bible 2014 edition. It’s going to take a while to fully immerse myself in it (500+ pages), but one workable nugget I did get from it instantly when browsing through the book, and that is to experiment with the EQ config settings. So having experimented myself, I’ve got a questions for all Traktor users: Which EQ do you use if you are using internal mixing mode?

“Traktor offers six options and I decided to change the EQ mode I have been using for about a year. This switch was naturally based on testing and reading about the differences. The new setting still feels and sounds a bit odd, but after making a mix and mastering it, the results don’t lie: It sounded better and the mastering was the fastest one I have done so far. Everyone should test different EQ modes just for the hell of it, if for no other reason! It was a bit of an epiphany to me, so that’s why I’d be interested to know what EQ others prefer, and why.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

EQ (low, mid, high on a mixer or controller for those just starting out), is indeed an under-discussed thing. Basically, EQs sometimes “cut” to nothing (ie turn all three down and the sound stops), or they leave some coming through, and as Night Foundation says, some software gives you other options too. Once you throw in filters, you’ve got a huge range of possibilities for blending the tunes in your mix in creative ways. But rather than talk about how I use EQ, I thought it’d be good to do what Night Foundation asks and open it to public discussion.

So – EQ. Traktor. (Or anything else, come to that). What settings do you use, and why? Please share in the comments!

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