[Video] Musikmesse 2015: Yamaha AG-06 & AG-03 Mixers

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 7 August, 2017

Yamaha AG-06 And AG-03 Mixers
Yamaha has released two new USB-equipped mini-mixers here at Musikmesse 2015. Check out our talkthrough to find out more.

All DJs should have a mini, multi-purpose mixer of some type in addition to their DJ gear for recording sets, podcasting, connecting to PA systems, and jamming with other DJs. It’s also a must if you want to incorporate a microphone in your set-up or line level devices such as samplers and synths.

Yamaha’s new AG-06 and AG-03 mixers offer an affordable and thoroughly modern take on this type of gear, because aside from all the input and output routing options you could want, they have an audio interface built-in so you can use them directly with your computer via USB. In this Musikmesse 2015 talkthrough, we got the lowdown…

Video talkthrough

Do you use a separate mini-mixer in your DJ set-up? What do you think about these portable Yamaha units? Tell us your thoughts on them below.

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